How to get ranking in Google Search with SEO?

There is a study that says 88% of the consumers search for a product online and do research before buying it online or offline. It shows the importance of digital presence for any business to succeed in the market. Now, another factor that comes to play an important role is how do consumers search? Google occupies the 92% share of the search engine market share, which further reiterates the importance of having a good ranking in the Google search and give you a clear advantage over your competitors.

Let us now look at the factors which influence the ranking of a website on the Google Search result page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an essential role in achieving a good rank on Google Search Engine. Well-optimized sites generate more traffic and eventually lead to more leads and sales. Now, let's discuss some of the crucial factors that you should consider while optimizing your website.


We often take it for granted, but the content is a real king. It is one of the most essential factor in generating a good rank. Good content includes all the essential and relevant information, multiple images, infographics, embedded videos, and any other information that a person is looking for on a particular subject. One need to ensure that the content is relevant and comprehensive.


Links play an essential role in generating a higher score. You need to create such content that creates interest among people and helps you in earning high-quality backlinks. You should monitor the links regularly and there should a constant effort to enhance the quality of content on a day to day basis.

Mobile Friendliness :

Google gives better ranking to the sites which are mobile-friendly as most of the users use their mobiles rather than desktop or laptop to browse the websites. You should make a site that is device compatible. The fonts should be more significant, and special attention should be given to navigation and accessibility.

Technical Factors :

Various other technical factors influence Google search engine rankings. Let us look at them one by one.

A secure and accessible website is always given priority, and it should have a proper XML site map so that Google can easily access the page.

Page speed is another essential aspect of SEO, and fast loading pages are often ranked higher.

Encryption of websites using HTTPS helps you in reaching the top 45% of the search results.

The use of H1 and H2 headings play an essential role in getting a higher rank.

You should use keyword phrases in your page titles as it results in a higher rank.

You need to create a Meta description that interests the readers, and it should also contain the keyword phrases.

Use schema markup appropriately to let Google know the type of content your website has.

User Experience :

Another important aspect of SEO is how long the user stays on your website. You should design the website in such a way that it entices the visitor, and it should contain relevant information so that the user has a great experience, and it helps in better ranking.

These are the factors that are kept in mind while optimizing a website through SEO. But it doesn't stop here; it's a continuous process. As the search engine results are constantly changing, and we do not know much about Google algorithms, so we should do what we can, and that is optimizing and improving your content regularly.

How long does it take to rank on the first page of Google? :

You need to work continuously to improve the content of your website and then re-evaluate it. Research says that it takes a website almost two years to rank on the first page or come in top ten and practically three years to list first. So patience is the key, and you have to work towards making your website content and information-rich continually.

So from the above discussion, we can understand the process involved in getting a good ranking on the Google Search and the time involved in it. The only thing that we should take care of is continuously improving the user experience on the website, and ultimately it will result in a better rank.

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